This my blog. I don’t know why I am creating a blog, I really don’t know that I have anything that interesting to say. I am a software developer working for a an extremely large, extremely blue corporation. They appreciate me, but sometimes the corporate culture gets to me. At a certain point I switched from being a Windows guy to being a Mac guy, and while it costs more, it certainly is much more convenient (and prettier). As time goes buy I am getting more and more familiar with how the web operates, as well as tips and tricks to integrate the web more seamlessly into day to day life. I am a geek through and through, I love music, tv, movies, and the web. I love my home theatre, rocking anything from the latest tech (Blu-rays) to the best sounding (vinyl). I don’t know if I appreciate using my AV gear more, or trying to establish the best setup. I am quite opinionated, and really this is just my place to vent. Enjoy! [picatic-upcoming-events][/picatic-upcoming-events]