Eugene Melnyk, the owner of the Ottawa Senators, has taken the hardest line stance on head hits of anyone in the NHL. He has recently said that intentional hits to the head should result in lifetime bans from the sport of hockey.

If it’s an accidental hit that could be have been avoided, just because you’re stupid and you just skated the wrong way, but you hit the guy, fine, 20-game suspension, If it’s truly accidental and the guy just ran into you, you know what? Give the guy a break. But, if it’s a deliberate hit you should not be in any game of hockey.

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Well the now hypocritical Melnyk has one of the offenders, who under his terms should be banned for life, on his own team! Witness two seperate incidents of Chris Neil head hunting:

Well Melnyk should practice what he preaches. If he honestly believes that this sort of action should result in a lifetime ban, then he should at a minimum trade/waive Neil and say that he won’t tolerate it on his team.