It doesn’t exist. *sigh*

The thing that would make me buy an iPad immediately, no questions asked is a video player.

Here is the scenario:

I coach ski racing and one of the most valuable tools (if not THE) most valuable tool is video. I shoot tons of video, and frequently I want to be able to show athletes video pretty much on the spot. Hooking the camcorder up to a TV/monitor is not always an option, but carrying around an iPad could be. Right now, we watch too much video on the 2.7″ camcorder screen.

What I would love is an app which would read off the SD card from the camcorder and be able to play/pause (maybe slowmo) the video.

The challenge is that the high-def AVCHD footage from the camcorder is a challenge for even laptops to handle. I assume that the camcorder can handle it due to on-board processing, I doubt that the iPad has the horse power to watch un-edited AVCHD.

Another option would be if I could find a way to use the iPad or other tablet as a monitor for HDMI input, but that isn’t an option on the current version.

There seemed to be light at the end of the tunnel in the iPad VLC player. But alas it will not play AVCHD.

Maybe I should look at switching camcorders to one that records to MPEG-4 or something of the like, even though it seems they are rare.