A little while ago I wrote a bit about my search for a new monitor. I basically conceded that waiting for the Dell u2711 to drop in price to the $700-800 (it is still shockingly high at $1249).

Now I find out from a semi reliable source, that the Dell u2410 will be dropping in price this Wednesday to a very low $419 as part of Dell’s March Madness promotion. That is a helluva lot less than the $800 that I am waiting for the 2711 to drop to.

An interesting comparison based on the 16×9 aspect ratio of the 2711 and the 16×10 aspect ratio of the 2410.

The screen height is actually very similar between the two:

27" (16x9) vs 24" (16x10)

27" (16x9) vs 24" (16x10)

So the question is more about the 1920×1200 vs 2560×1440 and whether that is worth waiting for the better aspect ratio to drop to double the price. I think I am going to jump on the u2410 on Wednesday.

I know that it does have some documented issues, but not many of those seem to be reported by North American users. If its an issue I will simply return it.