Alright, so it has a stupid name. TeuxDeux.com should not (and for me will not) be pronounced ToDo. Anyone who has spent anytime around the French language knows that deux (which is the number 2) is not pronounced do. It is pronounced something more along the lines of d-ugh, which I am guessing that it is not what the creator of the site was going for. Anyway, misname aside I will give a brief review of the site.

The site does exactly what you would think it would do, it creates a list and lets you cross stuff off. Having said that, it is missing many things that a fully functional ToDo app needs.

What it does

  • Lists item per day or ‘someday’
  • If an item has not been completed by a given day, it moves it to the next day
  • Provides you with a simple and attractive layout that makes it easy to manage items
  • Easily lets you drag items from one day to the next

What it lacks

  • Scrolling through days of days is tedious adding a ‘>>’ (jump week) to the ‘>’ jump day would be wonderful
  • Adding notes to items would be most convenient
  • Multiple lists would also be great
  • A mobile solution (the FAQ says one is coming)
  • Setting a specified time to an item is a must in my book
  • As well it needs notifications (email/pop-up)


I love the minimalistic feel, and there is supposed to be many more features coming, but for the time being it doesn’t fulfill all the required needs of a good ToDo app.