The Snake The Cross The Crown disbanded after a tour in 2007. This is somewhat cryptic information. It is not mentioned on Wikipedia, or on, but there is something on Equal Vision Records Website, but not on their band profile. Before breaking up, the released my 2nd favorite album of all time: Cotton Teeth. I can’t even think of what should be in my top 5, but I know that Cotton Teeth is number 2 (a band from Omaha released my number 1 album sometime in 2003).

Cotton Teeth – Tracklisting:

  1. Cakewalk
  2. The Great American Smokeout
  3. Gypsy Melodies
  4. Cotton Teeth
  5. Electronic Dream Plant
  6. Behold The River
  7. Hey Jim
  8. Floating In & Out
  9. Maps
  10. Back to the Helicopter

I was lucky enough to see TSTCTC back in Sept 2004, but unfortunately that was before they released cotton teeth. I am sad to have never seen them perform it live. Well I guess this is the closest I am going to get. They have released a tour DVD recorded on their last tour, and are releasing it along with some old unreleased tracks. If you are interested you can get it here:

Here is a trailer for the movie. I am excited… but *sigh*