So today I lost my mind on Internet Explorer so I thought I would start my first ever list of… YOU MIGHT BE A DONKEY NUT IF!

You might be a donkey nut if…

  • You regularly use Internet Explorer! There are many MANY far superior browsers… There really is NO excuse
  • You use MSN. MSN is ranked at number 2 or 3 in my list of the worst software ever created
  • You have an MSN account and never had an ICQ account!
  • You still use hotmail… Comon GMAIL!
  • You can’t see that Twitter is superior to Facebook
  • You hate Microsoft because they are Microsoft, but use MSN anyway
  • You don’t use Google Reader!
  • RSS means nothing to you
  • You own a Wii… Yarr
  • You hate Apple for being too cool, rather than being too expensive
  • You regularly use Internet Explorer… WHY?!??!?!
  • You think HTML is ‘code’

This is a solid start for now. I can feel it… This will not be the last version of You Might Be A Donkey Nut If…