So previously I bantered back and forth on the idea of ordering a MacBook Pro. Well last Monday I pulled the trigger and ordered it. How is it? How the hell should I know? Where is it? Again, how the hell should I know?

ÜPS (pronounced OOOOoops) has been doing their best to make this a supreme cluster fuck. Honestly I have no idea how ÜPS has avoided being on THE LIST! this long. But well they are at the top of the pile right now!

Here is the current timeline, and why I am losing my mind:

  • Monday – Dec 8th: Our hero (me) places order
  • Wednesday – Dec 10th: Apple transfers billing info to ÜPS
  • Wednesday – Dec 10th: ÜPS receives package – in Shanghai. ÜPS marks package as “On Time – Delivery Dec 16th”.
  • Wednesday – Dec 10th: Hero books water meter repair to conincide with MBP delivery on Dec 16th
  • Thursday – Dec 11th: Export scan. 
  • Thursday – Dec 12th: ÜPS marks package as “On Time – Delivery Dec 17th”. Well its not on time anymore is it? Once it goes from the 16th to 17th it is now LATE!
  • Friday – Dec 12th: MBP leaves Shanghai. Did it honestly just take 2 days for it to leave once ÜPS had it?
  • Thursday – Dec 11th: MBP arrives in Anchorage AK. Ok so this is just some timezone trickery.  It left early in the morning on the 12th and arrived at 8pm AK time in Alaska.
  • Friday – Dec 12th: Expected delivery date removed.
  • Saturday – Dec 13th: Nothing.
  • Sunday – Dec 14th: Nothing.
  • Monday – Dec 15th (so far): Nothing.

For all I know its still in AK. It hasn’t moved in the better part of 4 days. Delivery info is gone from the tracking update page. Just nothing. I have no idea whether it will arrive this week or not. For the record, when I ordered Apple said it would arrive between the 11th (long gone) and the 18th. I am about 1 hour without update from phoning ÜPS to ask what the hell is going on.