The Mac Mini is dead. Now are they going to replace it? And will their replacement be exactly what I am looking for? Well if I were designing my very own Mac here is what it would look like.

It would cost $1400-1800 (CDN – which I need to specify since the Canuckian dollar is falling again).

It would have this case:

And it would be speced like this

Actually I prefer to see one of the new Intel Core2Quads, around 2.6-2.8 GHz and a 4gigs of ram and 750MB hard drive.

What are the chances that Apple delivers on my wishes? About as much chance as the iPhone having push GMail before 2009! Damn near none.

I really hope that Apple does choose to somewhat close my perceived gap in their Mac line. Of course it still does not guarantee that I will be willing to pay the ‘Apple Tax’. Still they should try!