Adobe makes (usually) great products. I am a huge fan of Photoshop and Premiere Pro. But the flash player sucks.

The flash player is so bad, the flash player is a monkey that shits in a bucket, and then throws shit at you, and then mocks you for being covered in shit. It is a system hog, any page that uses flash runs my system (dual core 4 gigs of ram) up to processing limits while it loads. But that isn’t where the suck comes in…

The suck comes in that it is a buggy piece of crap!

The current version of flash for Firefox (if you are using IE well that is just another different shit throwing monkey ball of suck) won’t work with Youtube videos. Great eh?

The video stops after 2 seconds (perhaps a keyframe issue since you can skip forward).

It is actually a bug in flash itself. This is not limited to windows either.

Mozilla Support Forum

Ubuntu Forums

This is a problem in Flash versions after 9.0r47.

There are several solutions posted from copying a file to the plugins directory of Firefox, this does not work for me, or downgrading (no dice security concerns), or upgrading to the version 10 beta of flash. There are lots of bugs that I have found with this.

This is an old problem, it is time for Adobe to get their shit together and come up with a real fix for this problem. As for developers, think twice before using flash, because if I have to use IE to view your page, I will probably just skip your page.