At E3 (some gaming thing I think), Ninento announced a new motion-plus sensor add-on for the wii-mote. It makes the movements 1-1. Supposed to make control wayyyy better.

It comes with Wii Sports 2 (Resort) which won’t work without it. Yay, more addons for the Wii. Sure… fine… great… The games are getting better. I like that, since my biggest complaint is the games don’t compare to the xBox/PS3 or I just don’t like them. Wii Sports as I said earlier is awesome, so another Wii sports is great.

Drops The Ball

So another good game is coming out… but wait… ONLY ONE GAME IS COMING OUT. Nintendo failed to notify third party developers that motion plus was coming out. The developers found out about motionplus the same time the rest of us did. Know what that means? Another sample game (Wii Sports Resort) will be the only game to use motionplus for some time.

The problem with a lack of quality titles for the wii is only going to increase. Nuts to you Nofriendo!