Yesterday I went to AudioTronic on Merivale Road in Ottawa to price some receivers to see how the local price would compare to ordering from the states (I’m ordering from the states).

He was asking what speakers I would be using…

For the past few months I have been researching speakers, I have narrowed down my decision to Paradigm, PSB, Aperion, Elemental Designs, and Axiom Audio. I want to listen to at least 3 of those (preferably in house) to get a better idea of what I want. Pretty much all of the systems will be in the near Audiophile calibre and will cost somewhere in excess of $2,000.

I am actually leaning towards Paradigm, PSB, and Axiom since those 3 companies are Canadian have all been around for many years and all have a good reputation. Speakers are very personal item, and are somewhat dependent on your room, and other componentry.

I will be trying Axiom as they offer a 30 day money back guarantee, and while you have to pay for return shipping yourself, my cottage is near their office, so I would be able to return the speakers myself if I choose. Couple that with the fact that they are about half the price as the other two Canadian contenders and it seems that they will be the first ones I try.

…back to Audiotronic. I told the sales guy that I was leaning towards Axiom speakers. His reply: ‘You know those are crap?’

What constructive criticism. He doesn’t sell them so they obviously are terrible. I asked about auditioning some of the speakers he does sell, in my home. He basically refused, or said I may be able to take some speakers they have on the floor for an afternoon. Very apparent that he doesn’t stand by his speakers which aren’t ‘crap’. I asked him how much the setup that I was considering from paradigm would be and he told me $4000, more than double what I was looking at from Axiom. Nothing against Paradigm, but this guy at Audiotronic really turned me off his store. Oh well… back to those who pride themselves on service.