They are on TV all the time. Those bank commercials where they have to remind people that they are independently wealthy.

Customer: My car is broken, my daughter wants to be a doctor, and I’m retiring in 27 minutes and forgot to save…

Banker: Would you like a breakfast nook?

I suppose my question is why do you never see the following in bank commercials?

Customer: I need to retire in 10 years, my ungrateful kid needs another 10k for a victory lap at university, and my savings are lacking…

Banker: Judging by the fact that you ran up a 5k bill on your credit card last month, and have missed 2 mortgage payments this year, not only can we not help you, but we need to raise the rates on your line of credit and lower the limit. Come to think of it, you are a moron and have no money and no hope. Have you considered going to a different bank?

Sigh. No every customer leaves the bank feeling like they won the lottery. Funny how I don’t know anyone who leaves the bank feeling that way.