For the first time I am disappointed with my home builder. That isn’t bad considering that I have been in the house for over 4 months.

We have had some minor issues but Richcraft has been very quick to come and fix them. Today they were in looking at a minor issue, so we decided to ask about our grass.

A quick little break down:

Committed to buy the house in March of 07. House was slated to be completed in November 07 (it was). We were to take possession in December 07 (we did). Now the houses across the street were completed in September and they had their sod laid in October, and at the same time had their driveways paved. Finishing in November our side of the street did not have that gone, and as such our yards are mud, sand and gravel, and our driveways are gravel.

Back to today, we asked about when our yard and driveway would be completed. They told us July or September! Unbelievable, we basically need to live in a muddy puddle of crap for the better part of the summer – AT LEAST! The reasoning for this? Because the ground needs to settle and the company that does the landscaping needs to become available. I’m sure that its more of part 2 rather than part 1, since I don’t see how much more setttling they are waiting for considering that the neighbours across the street were able to get their grass a full year ahead of time.

Gah… In a few weeks -when the snow is done melting- I will post photos of my muddy nightmare.