Great site. Love it. Use it. Daily. My only issue with it is the speed at which the update it.

Last month they updated the photos, so you can kind of see where my house is, but still the street is not listed on the map.

Updated Photo

Now I suppose the issue is that it has taken them over 2 years to get a photo of the area so that it isn’t a field, and even longer to have streets on the map (still not searchable, and can’t do routes). But really what can we expect from something that is free? Well if they expect to become the defacto mapping standard (I would want to if I were them), then they need to have every updated at least once a year.

This means, that Maps.Google is still not reliable enough to match the printed specialty mapping companies.

On a side note, the photos and zooming ability of Live Maps is much superior to Google maps, although the directions and location finding is not at the same level. The 3d mapping is pretty cool, especially if you live/work in a multi-story building