Every now and then one of these days comes along, its rare, thankfully because they are quite difficult to take.

To start off the day, well I need to go into a bit of history. Two days prior there was a solid foot of standing water in the road, over the previous few months we had continually contacted the city regarding getting it cleaned up. No luck. So on Tuesday I went out with my neighbour to find and open up the storm drain. After a few hours of chipping ice, we had cleared the 10 inches on top of the storm drain, and had the road draining. The road was rutted to no end.

Fast forward to yesterday morning. I knew there was a winter storm blowing in, and I had a dental appointment at 8am so I was up early.

Incident 1

I checked my email to find that I had an email from Zip.ca saying that my credit card had been declined. The previous night I had a similar incident at Bestbuy so I figured that I should look into it. I phoned PC Financial to have them tell me that my card had been suspended and they would have to transfer me to the security department. The security department informed me that there was 2 suspect transactions. I was shocked, so I asked what they were. Turns out it was two internet transactions I made, one to renew the hosting of this very site, and the other for a nose piece for a pair of Oakley M Frames. Turns out there was nothing suspect about it. I then started questioning why I was not called after my card was canceled. No satisfactory answer. From here on forward they will not be putting security holds on my card and will call instead. Sounds smart to me.

Incident 2

I was rushing out of the house, and fighting through the falling snow to get to my dental appointment. Right at the end of the driveway I got my left front wheel stuck in the very hole I had dug for the storm sewer two days earlier.



I did some digging, and its kind of hard to see in these photos, but I was really really stuck. Furious, I decided to phone a tow truck to get me going.

Incident 3

The tow truck hit my car!



He slid sideways trying to drive past the car. That would be the ruts I was talking about. Not only that, but my tow truck time saving affair also had the truck stuck. They needed another tow truck to pull him off the car.


Even after pulling the tow truck off my car, it was still stuck and needed helping getting out of the ruts.


At this point they offered to take my car to get it repaired, I accepted, I currently don’t know what the status is, but here is the damage.




This was quite the day, probably about as bad as humanly possible. I really hope I get my car back soon.