(Finally) Got my hydro bill. I have been waiting for -and fearing- the arrival of this bill. I had spoken to them, and knew it was going to be a two month bill. I thought it was going to be huge.

When it arrived it was small… No wait… It was huge… No wait it was small. I can’t decide.

The final tally was $338, but here is the real kicker. It included a $30 new user fee, and a $200 deposit because of my credit. I couldn’t understand -I have very good credit- so I called. Turned out that they didn’t run a credit check so I had to be charged the deposit amount. I told them to run a credit check, they said that there is a $15 fee for that (which I find unbelievable, what the hell is the $30 new account charge for then?!?!?!?!?). So I asked when I got my $200, back. It was going to be added to my bill after 1 year. Not too bad, after some mental math:

Interest on $200 (4% x $200 = $8) – Taxes on interest ( 40% x $8 =  $3.20) = $4.80

So if I put it in a savings account then I’m looking at about $5. So the $15 is a large amount to pay. I decided to just give them the $200 for one year.

I still want to know what the hell the $30 for the new account included.


On the plus side. My two months of hydro usage was $108. That is $54 a month. That is great! I know that will increase during the summer AC season, but those numbers are very low. Perhaps things are looking up.