…with a draw.

So they replied back today and told me if I didn’t like their terms I could cancel the order.  I poked around a little more and found I could make the same order for Amazon.com for $5 less (even with the sale price). I cancelled the BestBuy order, just as they wished. They didn’t get the sale, but I didn’t get them to admit that they are completely useless. I have some BestBuy Rewards Points so I will still be doing some shopping, but not on DVD/Blu-Ray.

I added one more item to cut down the shipping time even a little bit more, and placed the order. I got an email a few hours ago that it has already shipped. BestBuy.ca continues to provide the worst service in the industry. Amazon.com continues to impress.


On a side note, I was told today that Amazon.com actually ships from within Canada on DVDs/Books so tax/duty is never an issue. I believe what I was told, and that makes Amazon.com even that more appealing. dotCa/BestBuy/Future Shop may have worked their way right out of my DVD/Blu-Ray market. How fun is that!?!?!