Complete and utter MORONS!

I ordered some stuff off of eBay from a guy in Toronto, not hugely expensive stuff,  so I really didn’t expect him to ship FedEx. I had it sent to the house as I expected it to be regular ExpressPost. Anyway, yesterday I got an email with FedEx tracking. I checked it out and saw yesterday morning that a delivery attempt had failed -I wasn’t home to sign. I phoned FedEx and asked when the package would be back at the depot. They unfortunately could not tell me, but said that it would be close to 7pm that evening.

That was a little late for me on Valentine’s Day so I requested that they not make a delivery attempt the next day, and that I would pick it up during the day -As I work about 5 minutes from the depot. About 30 minutes ago, I was about to go pick up the package, but I decided to check the tracking again, and make sure that it is still at the depot. ITS NOT! Its on the truck for delivery. I phoned -absolutely furious- to have them tell me, that it isn’t their job to leave it at the depot, that it is their job to deliver it. I told them that I would not be at that location during the day -EVER!- and asked what would happen if they couldn’t deliver it. They told me it would be sent back to the shipper. Which leaves them as completely incapable of doing their job! FedEx is on the list.