One of my guilty pleasures is to go to and start browsing movies or books that I have really enjoyed. Then I got to the 1/5 star reviews and read people shitting all over them. It is quite entertaining to see what some moron who thought that Independence Day was the best movie ever made thought of A History of Violence.

After a while of doing this I am starting to realize that you may be able to tell more about a movie from reading the 1/5 then from reading the 5/5. Real morons seem to be able to out themselves pretty quickly when their medium is the written word. It is quite amazing really, but it seems that stupidity is doubled when they put pen to paper, and it only goes up from there when the internet is involved. Of course this does assume that I will enjoy movies that idiots hate.

Oh well, its always entertaining seeing people continually misspell the most simple words. Once again the internet does seem to bring out all the crazies, that must be why I’m writing this blog.