As if Blu-Ray didn’t need any more momentum Netflix has dropped HD DVD and thrown their support behind Blu-Ray. As an owner of a Blu-Ray player this is very sweet music to my ears. Do I believe that there is any chance of HD DVD making a comeback? Nope absolutely none. Blockbuster dropped HD DVD last month, and the sales of Blu-Rays are killing HD DVD. Sales since Warner defected to Blu-Ray sales are something like 82% in favour of Blu-Ray.

Does this mean its a good time to go out and buy a Blu-Ray player? Well its not a bad time, but for the most part the players are still expensive and somewhat flaky. If you aren’t absolutely dying to watch high def DVDs it may still be worthwhile to wait another few months. I know that I have already had to update the firmware on my Blu-Ray player once, and will probably have to again.