He saved Best Buy from the list. He finally rectified what should never have been a problem. I can’t understand how its possible for them to provide such poor service, when you are spending $3k on a TV. They actually seemed annoyed when I tried to apply some of the discounts that I was entitled to, such as:

  • $50 off- TV out of stock
  • Free shipping- TV out of stock
  • $100 off- brought in an old tube TV
  • Free Blu-Ray player
  • Free Football
  • Free NFL DVD
  • $100 off- purchase of Rogers (gah) HD Box

All in all there was a lot of money coming off the price of the thing. In the $1000 range. Anyway, I would point out that they forgot to include one of the $50 discounts and they would say: “You really care?”

I couldn’t believe it, apparently they have a lot of independently wealthy people who work at Best Buy who don’t care about $50.

Anyway, after getting it ordered I started waiting for it to come in. I could never get them to answer the phone at the Ottawa West store, so I called the Ottawa East store. They told me that they had 12 in the warehouse. Once again I phoned and waited (while their phone rang) for 25 minutes. After that time they told me that I would have to go in to book the delivery.

Again I mission in and receive even worse service. The guy was actually flippant asking me why I cared so much about whether I get the TV right now since the layaway plan guaranteed the price. He couldn’t seem to comprehend why I would care about a $3000 bill sitting on my credit card without actually having the TV. That ended with their ordering system being down.

Like the annoying asshole that I am, I spent the night phoning asking about the state of their ordering system. Finally it was back online. They still couldn’t book the delivery over the phone. I went in and the same asshole told me that it was offline, at which point I had to inform him that I just called and someone told me it was back working. He still didn’t want to try, I got a little angry and he agreed to try again. It was working.

It was at this point that he pawned me off on some guy named Vince – Inventory Manager… He was awesome. It took a whil, but I finally got everything booked for delivery. -There was only 1 left in the warehouse when my booking finally went through- He actually treated me with some respect, and got things solved. He solved BestBuy from the list. They really need to consider a commission based system, to try to get their employees to treat people with respect.

Sigh… Maybe they will be on the list.