It has been an interesting learning experience for me, in terms of freaking out over my first Enbridge bill. A few things I have learned:

  • Enbridge reads your gas meter every two months
  • The months in between are estimates
  • You pay based on a Budget Billing Plan, which is roughly what you should be paying every month, so some months you run a deficit and some months you get a credit

On to my situation. Last night I get my first Enbridge gas bill. $267!!!!!! Not only that, but as I look closer, my gas charges are $334.06, but they have only billed me $210 so I have an out standing bill of $124.06 for next month. This is great. So I look closer, this is based on an estimated bill. What they are estimating it on considering that this is my first month of usage is beyond me…

A little aside here are the numbers:

On Dec 3rd the meter reading was 508 m3

On Jan 7th they estimate the meter reading was 1318 m3

This means my usage was 810 m3

I’m thinking to myself, this can’t be right. This morning I read the meter. 838 m3! So my actual usage was only 330 m3, until Jan 16th not Jan 7th. To put this in perspective, there daily estimated usage is 23 m3 per day, my actual usage is 7.5 m3. As well according to my estimates, my reading by the next billing date (Feb 11th) should only be 1033 m3, less than there estimate of what my Jan reading should have been. Sheesh.


I phone Enbridge:

Them: What is your reading?

Me: 838

Them: That is a big difference

Me: Uh-huh

Them: We will send you a new bill

Me: Ok that works

Them: But because of equal billing the amount you pay won’t change

Me: Come again?

Them: Your gas consumption charge will still be 210, but the actual amount you owe will change

Me: Then why do I want a new bill?

Them: Well I guess since we will read the meter in Feb, it really doesn’t make much sense

Me: No, I guess not?

Them: Well you could opt out of the Equal Billing

Me: Can I get back in after?

Them: I’m not really sure.

Me: When will the equal billing amount be revisited?

Them: It will get adjusted in April.

Me: Fine just leave me in it, I will accumulate a huge credit and leave it at that.


Editor’s Note: Enbridge has been added to the list.