So I was never really slighted, other than by the terrible service practices, even so I feel good about pulling one over on the Chapters/Indigo/Smith Books/Coles conglomerate. As I was doing my last minute Christmas shopping I thought of a few great presents:

The only problem was that there wasn’t enough time to order the books from to get a good deal. *sigh* The only option that remained was to turn to the evil empire and go to Chaptigo. As I got there the deal was buy 3 get 1 free, so not as bad a deal, maybe not so bad. So I bought 2 copies of Hockey… 1 copy of No Country… and 1 copy of Palahniuk’s Choke. Total cost was $92. It was $74 for the 3 on my list.

Here is where the ethical question comes in. I hopped on when I got home. Total cost for the 3 books? $48.19

So what did I do? I bought them on Amazon too.

Flash Foward to last night…

I returned the Amazon copies to Indigo. I didn’t return Choke, because that would have just been too obvious. You know there was a really sweet young teenage girl who was telling me that No Country… -the movie- was supposed to be really good. I agreed, and she also recommended Eastern Promises. Bonus points for her. I almost felt bad considering the good service, until I remembered how badly the evil empire is ripping off Canadians.

I returned glady, unethically, and it felt good. I hope Indigo soon learns to honour their own web prices, or even better, matches other stores prices. Probably won’t happen considering their monopoly.

Oh well my small effort saved me $30.