CBC has written an article quoting Lauren Weinstein in which it states that Rogers is modifying user web-pages. The blog in question is posted here. Its pretty clear from the screen grabs, that Rogers is adding their own message to top of all pages that the Rogers customer downloads, in an attempt to effectively convey their warning in regards to go over a capped transfer limit.

While I have no problem with them attempting to alert their consumers of potential extra usage charges, reading customer data, and modifying web-pages that have been carefully crafted to provide a specific look and feel, by experts in the field, is just plain wrong. Yes Rogers needs to alert  you when you are going to go over your usage, but this is once again -after the traffic shaping hijinxs- going too far.

Whoever is creating the ISP service policies at Rogers needs to be tossed out on their ass, because they have no concept of what is acceptable in this ever increasingly privacy crazed world. I am going to read over the Rogers agreement and see if there is any sort of violations in this respect.

Once again, another big NAY to Rogers. Can anyone suggest any good alternatives for an ISP? Bell isn’t available in my area, and Rogers is just going too far yet again.