Yesterday the plug didn’t work. Well it wasn’t that it didn’t work, the problem was that the plug was too big and didn’t allow the dishwasher to fit in.

No problem, got a new plug.

So what was the problem after the new plug was acquired. Water. Water, water, water… First shot through it ran fan, after about 10 minutes, I noticed a small leak at the at the back of the dishwasher. It was the supply line, I pulled it apart and noticed that the rubber o-ring was toast. Got that fixed, and hooked it up again. Turned on the water, and no leaks! Well actually, no WATER!

There was no water flowing to the dishwasher at all. How does that work? Can you tighten a hose so tight that you don’t get water? I don’t think so.

I took the hose off and reconnected it to the shutoff and put the other end in a cup. Turned it on a little bit, and we have water. Interesting. So I hooked it up to the dishwasher again, turned it on full, no WATER!

Once again, I pulled the full deal apart and hooked it only to the water shut off. This time I just took the dishwasher end and stuck it in the sink. I turned it on a bit, and there was water running into the sink. Good news. Then I decided to turn it on full. Rush of water. Clunk. Nothing.

Is my hose broken? Maybe its time to read that giant tag on the hose that says READ ME.

“Flood safe hose. The hose will shut off all water if there is a catastrophic failure at the other connection end. If the water flow exceeds X m3/s then the water shuts off. Turn on slowly.”

Well that makes perfect sense! The hose prevents flow that is too sudden. Great, no damage to my house. Next time read the directions. Directions for a hose? Who would have thought?

Dishwasher works. Hose works. I’m an idiot. Hose is too complicated. I’m really an idiot.


Rogers isn’t playing oldies radio anymore. I have a problem with one of my phone lines. It probably has a nail through it somewhere. That will go on the Richcraft 30 day list.