I waited. I waited between 8-11 to get my Rogers bundle installed. I knew what I was getting with the internet, and cable. The internet is alright as long as you don’t mind the traffic shaping, the cable TV is brutal -the UI seems pretty much unusable to me- but oh well, a bundle is a bundle. The only unknown quantity in my bundle is the Rogers homephone. I have heard some bad things, and I have some no things. Generally when speaking with phone service, no thing is a good thing, so I was willing to give it a try. Home phone seems to be one of those binary things -it works or it doesn’t.

Somewhere near the middle of the window my Rogers guy showed up and installed everything, in a relatively painless manner. The only challenge was that there was no power outlet near the cable/phone central box. So its set up and it works. Woohoo! We have phone.

[later on that evening]

At this point, I am getting frustrated installing my dishwasher -which I think I have figured out now by the way- I decide to phone my dad and get some advice.

[The phone is ringing]

You can forget all your troubles; forget all your cares, and go

Me: Hey, quick question: How far out should the hinge of the dishwasher stick out?

Downtown — things will be great when you’re

Jeff: Only about a quarter inch

Downtown — you’ll find a place for sure

Me: Do you hear music?

Downtown — everything’s waiting for you

Downtown …. Downtown…

Jeff: No should I?

Me: No… but I sure can

Downtown …. Downtown…

At this point I phoned Rogers. Did a few tests, including pluging the phone straight into the phone modem -that worked. So once again tonight I have captain Rogers coming to look at the home phone. If they can’t fix it I’m canning almost the whole deal and getting Bell for TV too. All hail the horrible Rogers Corp!