The long gone registry is back in the news. The conservatives are once again talking about scrapping it. Forget the fact that I have wanted this gone for some time -I mean criminals are not going to register their guns- the most telling fact in this is the second last paragraph:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper campaigned on a promise to scrap the long-gun registry, which was supposed to cost $2 million when the Liberal government introduced it in 1995. Its cost wound up being roughly $1 billion.

Two million ballooned to one billion?!?!?!?!? What the crap? I mean quite honestly if you paid someone $20,000 to renovate your house, and after the job was finished it had ended up costing $10,000,000 you would be uber pissed. If you weren’t uber pissed then something would be wrong with you. Very wrong with you, Liberal wrong with you…

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