“… I will never give your company one more cent. Honestly go f*** yourself!”. -Phone receiver slams down-. Thus ends the relationship with Rogers Communications Inc. There were several events leading up to climatic absolute.

After a year of having Rogers as the provider for television and internet there were numerous issues.

  • Upon canceling the service while moving out, the automatic payment was automatically voided. They didn’t inform us of this.
  • We were charged an extra 3 days because we only gave 27 days notice.
  • Twice attempts were made to return the cable box and modem. Both times we were informed they could only accept returned equipment between 10Am and 6PM. This finally resulted in taking time off work to return the equipment.
  • Since it took an extra month to return the equipment we received a bill for $600
  • The bill was not labeled and did not provide any indication as to why there was a $600 charge
  • 3 days after receiving the bill a collection agency phoned.
  • 3 days later (after payment had been made) the collection agency phoned again. -There were threats of a harassment complaint being made.-

Add all this to Rogers completely unethical behavior regarding traffic shaping to throttle torrents and encrypted traffic. Yep I was angry.

In contrast Bell does not shape traffic, and when I forgot to phone and cancel the telephone I was greeted with:

“When would you like to cancel it” – Bell

“Tuesday” – Me

“Tuesday in two days?” – Bell

“Ugggh. Yes.” – Me

“What time on Tuesday?” – Bell

“Uggghhh. Huh?” – Me

“What time would you like the line to be disconnected?” – Bell

“Anytime!” – Me

“Ok, it will be disconnected at 2Am. You will get a bill for $38 which is this month and your last 3 days. You will have to pay that one, as it will not be automatically deducted. For the next six months your phone number will have a message proving a forwarding number of xxx-xxxx. This is free of charge.” – Bell

Needless to say I was very happy with Bell and very unhappy with Rogers. Hence with the house coming up the plan was to go Bell for everything. We even spent $200 to have satellite pre-wiring put in. Bell is the answer!

Fast forward to yesterday.

We were at the Bell World store and selecting satellite programming, and then moving onto internet. Uggh Oh. Big Uggh Oh. The standard internet service is not available in our section of Barrhaven. I was shocked. My first reaction was Holy Crap! We have to move! Needless to say that Bell was suddenly not an option. Unbelievable. So now we stand in a situation where we are signed up for everything through Rogers. Who would have thought. Home Phone, TV, Internet… All Rogers, gross. If the service through Rogers does not improve this may be an interesting few years until Bell gets decent internet service in the area. As well it again illustrates why I hate people who speak in absolutes, and hate even more when I do it myself.