Sometimes it amazes me how much difference a centimeter can make in the grand scheme of things, well actually 2 centimeters. Last week I purchased 3 sets of blinds for the back windows of the house from Ikea. Before purchasing I measured the windows and they were a perfectly standard 24″ wide, but more than 7 feet tall. When I got to Ikea I checked the size of the blinds; 60cm. That sounds like 24″ right? Well actually it is 22 3/4″ which is close. I bought 3 of them hoping that they would work, all together they cost $205 (taxes in).

After checking them they were about half an inch too narrow -you could just see glass on either side of the blind-, so they were returned. As they were returned the guy who worked at Ikea just kinda shrugged and muttered Didn’t fit?. I am guessing that it is pretty common for the blinds to be just different enough that they won’t work.

Now the current situation: I went to Home Depot to determine how much 3 sets of blinds that will actually fit will cost. $300. A piece! $900 + tax! Turns out that the two centimeters of difference will cost in excess of $800.

Needless to say I haven’t ordered any blinds from Home Depot (or similarly priced Sears). I am looking at other options, but I am quite frustrated that the few centimeters is causing such a huge issue.