I am still working on getting my shin problems behind me, but I must say that I am continually more impressed with Solefit Orthotics. I went back to the office yesterday at 5PM to review the shoes I had purchased. Ryan didn’t like the look of any of them. The Saucony Trigon Rides looked best but he still didn’t like the look of them, so he told me to return the two other pairs and to pick up the Saucony Trigon Guides and the Asics 1120. Both of those shoes fall into the Mild Motion Control side of things, which should help with any pronation.

What makes me very impressed with Solefit -and Ryan- is his insistence on getting the right shoe. He was apologetic -for no reason- for my having to come back one more time. Both of these sessions are at no charge, which I still find incredible. So I will be going back on Monday early in the AM to hopefully finally determine which will be my shoes going forward. As well Ryan indicated that he didn’t think that there was anything in my gait that would indicate that it would be causing injury, so hopefully this will be a big step forward.