Fifty-eight days may sound like a long time. For some things it is a long time, but when it comes to a house closing its damn close. It seems like yesterday that it was 125 days; and now we are less than 2 months out. There has been a great deal of progress along the way -you can see all of it at: House Photos-, and now we are at the point where it might be a little harder to stay up-to-date.

When we showed up today the front and garage door were locked; the back door did not have a handle on it, we got lucky. You see we haven’t been out yet in October and since I finally got my video camera going -that is a subject for another blog- the plan was to do a quick video tour of the house so far. I figured that with my luck it would be locked for sure; as I said early we got a little lucky.

The house is coming along very nicely. For anyone who hasn’t been following its the Brier Hill, which has about 1750 sq/ft. Its completely drywalled now, but unlike our neighbour’s houses they haven’t done any of the mudding -its probably because we are only taking possession in December whereas our neighbours are all taking possession at the earliest possible time; in early November. I anticipate that from here on forward the house will either have no change or the doors will be locked, I do want the doors locked once they start doing the finishing work.

So watch the video and enjoy the tour, I’m sorry for the crappy commentary I really had no idea what I should be saying.

I edited some photos:

The dining roomThe front of the houseTop of the stairs