There are few things that irk me like a terribly designed piece of software. The current subject of my wrath is the trendy, Starbucks© shilling mega-store Chapters. I don’t dislike the place -even though the prices are more expensive in the store than they are on the website; how the hell does that work?- the atmosphere is alright, and the prices aren’t terribly worse than… but one thing is just unacceptable: Their website!

I am currently looking for the book Chi Running which I hope will aid me in battle of shin splints -which I am sure that there will be many blogs about in the future. I was recommended the book in a thread on the Runner+ message board. My first thought was to go to the old standby: Of course they have it and the price is right $12.78. Unfortunately the shipping costs -shipping is free on orders over $39- will completely wreck any savings. So I head over to and I can’t bloody find it. Eventually I do find it but I have to take a little bit of a roundabout route.

Here is how to find the book ‘Chi Running’ on the website:

  1. Goto
  2. In the search box put ‘Chi Running’
  3. When nothing appears get frustrated
  4. Open a new browser tab -you are using FireFox right?
  5. Navigate to
  6. Search for ‘Chi Running’
  7. Click on Chi Running link
  8. Copy author name: ‘Danny Dreyer’
  9. Go back to tab
  10. Under the Advanced Search panel > Author paste ‘Danny Dreyer’
  11. Hit Submit
  12. Click on Chi Running link

There that is it! That is all that is necessary to do in order to find the book ‘Chi Running’ at This really makes me want to go shop there. Regardless I will probably end up there tonight to look for the book, and it will probably end up with me getting upset at some poor student who gets paid $9/hour because the book is $2 more expensive in store than on their terrible website. Can you tell that this scenario has played out before?


So I went to pick up the book at Chapters. They refused to match their own price on the website. I couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t. They said that it was like they are two completely separate companies. It was at that point that I mentioned that reputable companies will match their competitors prices and even give you price protection. Well this will mark the end of my relationship with Chapters… and Indigo… and Coles… and SmithBooks…

Hmmmm that doesn’t really leave much in the way of competition does it? No wonder they aren’t willing to match a competitor’s price, there aren’t any real competitors. In the online market they have to deal with Amazon, so they will lower their prices. Well I have some real reservations about a company that will not match their own price.