Sprott Money
Head Ski


Owned and managed by Eric Sprott, Sprott Money Ltd. has been a leading precious metals dealer selling gold coins, silver coins and bullion bars online and over the phone since 2008. As one of Canada’s largest owners of gold and silver bullion, the company’s goal is to facilitate ownership and storage of precious metals no matter how big or small the portfolio.

Head Skis

After making the move to HEAD skis, boots, and bindings in 2009, I immediately wished I had made the move earlier on in my career! HEAD provides me with the fastest, most reliable ski equipment around and I continue to use HEAD skis, boots and bindings.


Silver Management Group specializes in Residential and Commercial Property Investment/Management. Their assets span throughout Canada and the United States with a strong focus on revitalizing underperforming, undercapitalized assets.


Disruptive by design, Oakley creates innovative men’s and women’s sunglasses, athletic apparel, goggles, watches and accessories.
Without a doubt the best optics I’ve ever used, and one of the raddest companies around, psyched to be using Oakley goggles and sunglasses!


Marler & Associates priority is to help you maximize the contribution your workforce makes to businesses. Also avid ski racing supporters and and all around fun group who I look forward to working for years to come!


Throughout my career I’ve used many different brands of poles, but I always kept returning to the cream of the crop: Swix. Swix makes the best poles on the market and I’m proud to have been using them for most of my career.

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