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Workforce Recruitment Services

The Marler & Associates Search Group is the trusted business partner for workforce recruitment and HR services, that connects employers with quality, talented people, quickly and efficiently.

Our business model provides the opportunity for you to develop or outsource key recruitment services and HR infrastructures, to align your workforce with your business strategy, and to improve operational elements based on industry benchmarks and best practices.

Workforce Recruitment Services

Eliminate costs and deliver the right candidate when you need them.

Candidate Sourcing Services

Improve time-to-hire and establish relationships with candidates.

Candidate Screening Services

Providing a second opinion and saving time in your hiring process

Marler & Associates

Finding the perfect fit takes talent and expertise. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Marler & Associates has been recruiting, building, diversifying, and strengthening companies for more than fifteen years. We have spent time developing a broad network to fulfil your recruiting requirements—knowing that the difference between simply maintaining a business and building a successful and dynamic organization lies in results.


Suite 432 300 Earl Grey Drive Ottawa, Ontario K2T 1C1

The Marler & Associates Search Group


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